Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Treatment: For Children

A mother must not only give birth to a child, but she shall also breastfeed it. That milk shall be incorrupt. So many mothers have poisoned their children with their bad milk. If she is angry several times a day, a few hours after that she will poison her child.
Treatment: For Children
Treatment: For Children

If the mother is healthy, the more your child sucks, the better. Children, who have sucked for two or three years, are healthier. A healthy person is also good.

Every mother should know how to treat her children. Mother must give first aid. The first task of a mother is to give castor oil to an ill child. Then it shall drink several cups of warm water, and then the mother shall cook a vegetarian potato soup for the child. This is the first aid for every patient. You ask why you should drink hot water. It is very simple. While eating, fat deposits remain along the walls of the stomach and intestines that impede proper digestion. Hot water dissolves them and regulates the processes in the stomach and intestines.

If the child is anemic, give it more pears and cucumbers. If its character is a bit rough, feed it with apples. If he lacks noble qualities, feed it with cherries. Give children only fresh food, mainly fruits.
The first task of the future education of children will be the condition of the digestive system to be controlled. A healthy digestive system provides a normal brain system. If those two systems are in good working order, the function of the respiratory system is also good. These are the three main systems that regulate human thoughts and feelings. If they work well, thoughts and feelings of people will be expressed properly.

The child that eats bread, baked in the embers, has a hundred times bigger opportunity to become a distinguished professor than the child that eats cakes, chocolate and sweets.
When your children are ill, it is good the bone behind their ears to be massages - there is a living center. These massages make the organism elastic and durable.

If a child has been ill for a few months, the first thing that shall be done after its recover is to be bathed and dressed in new clothes. The old clothes, in which it has spent the illness, shall be burned. Old clothes are penetrated with negative states and therefore they shall be burned, and you shall not give them to poor. New clothes shall be given to the poor.

Give somebody to eat dry corn for a week and you will see him transformed. For naughty children, the mother shall apply the same regime.

If a child is capricious, obstinate, the mother shall give him two nuts. The number two is magnetic method. If the child is unbalanced in nature, give him three nuts or apples. The number three is a law of balance. Sometimes nuts may affect badly the organism (when taken in large amounts), because they contain lots of iodine. So, nuts are also able to poison someone. If you want to develop the child's sense of justice, give it four nuts. You shall give for feelings, in general - five nuts, religious feelings - seven nuts, critical and philosophical mind - seven nuts. Do not give more than nine nuts to your children.

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